morning coffee and chocolate sheet cake


I cut myself a piece of leftover Chocolate Sheet Cake to go with my morning coffee.  I finally tried the Pioneer Woman's version of this recipe for our dessert yesterday.  I must say it definitely lived up to it's reputation as the best ever.

In fact after tasting it, I realized how much trouble I could get into with this sheet of chocolate goodness in the house.  I promptly set about dividing it into old pie tins and dispensing it to neighbors and friends.  Of course, I kept a tin of it here...after all, chocolate and coffee are just about the best combination ever.

I found the cute strawberry coffee mug at the thrift store for .95 cents.  It makes sitting down to Monday morning coffee and my day planner even more enjoyable.

As I sit here writing out what I'd like to get done this week, it strikes me how much of what I do doesn't change much from week to week.  It can be so easy to get caught up in the routine of it lose sight of the blessing in the sameness. 

My thought for this week comes once again from Ann Voskamp's one thousand gifts.

     "Balancing the basket of fresh towels on one hip, I step in the back mudroom door into a still-teetering pile of jeans dirty from the stone picking out in the fields, into the shoes strewn, the LEGOs scattered, the half-baked experiment in the mudroom basin that involved green dye and too much sand, the kitchen sink always filling, the pantry always emptying, and I can see it and who could miss it, the herd of dusty footprints tracking mud across the kitchen floor?  The washing machine groans.   The oven timer beeps frantic.  I have no idea where half a dozen kids are. 

     I step over the darks and lights sorted.  Why doubt the date to fully live?  Now and right here.  Why not let all of life be penetrated by grace, gratitude, joy?  This is the only way to welcome the Kingdom of God."

What a thought, huh?  Fully live right now...embrace today...offer grace...give thanks... and live joy.

xo, Patty


  1. Love this thought for the day. Exactly, enjoy every moment of life.

    Cake sounds yummy, I made a bluberry struesel coffee cake this morning with my java, yum!

  2. Well your treat with your cup of coffee looks far more better than my little old piece of toast with butter. Looks delious!!!

  3. What a delicious way to start your day!

  4. That's a lovely thought for the day...and every day. And that cake looks too delicious. A perfect start to a Monday morning, Enjoy! xx

  5. I have a piece of left over cake calling my name too. Oh I need to resist so badly but oh it is so good. I am weak Patty.

  6. oh!! patty, i want a piece of chocolate cake.. :)

  7. I am a bit over whelmed with little guests we have but need to count it all joy. I have PW's cake recipe but do not dare make it. It looks so good Patty.

  8. What a delicious looking cake, I'm off to check out that recipe.

  9. Cake in the a.m. with coffee, my kind of gal. I always make dark chocolate sheet cake, will have to go check out the recipe you used.

  10. The cake looks wonderful..I want some..Mmmm chocolate..Great breakfast..Lovely thought...Thanks

  11. You had me at "chocolate sheet cake"! Add in a creamy cup of coffee in a super cute mug with strawberries on it, and this is the ultimate post!!!
    Erica :)

  12. What wonderful inspiration! I agree wholeheartedly.

  13. Well said ... and please pass the chocolate! Mary

  14. What nice thoughts Patty.
    I make a chocolate sheet cake that is very like Pioneer Woman's and it is a family go to around here! Always devoured. Having a big family is good in that, there are hardly any leftovers!!!
    You may come pick avocados ANYTIME!!!!
    ; ) Kris

  15. My grandmother made a good cho. sheet cake. I only made it one time but it didn't turn out like hers did. I loved that cake. mmmm. Maybe I'll check this one out.

  16. Oh that looks great and there is joy in routine, and just being!

  17. Patty,
    Love your thrifty mug and your chocolate sheet cake! The quote is thought provoking,indeed! Have a productive week, dear friend!

  18. Chocolate cake, coffee, a couple of my favorites . . .  

    Being grateful, feeling gratitude, brings joy and permeates living with Grace . . ..

    Beautiful post, tender soul . . .   

    I must find the choolate sheet cake crecipe!

  19. What a great way to start your day off! Thanks for sharing the recipe and it sounds so yummy! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know how much you liked my gardens.

  20. UMMMM.. the cake looks awesome. What a pretty post!! Have a great new week.

  21. Chocolate cake and wise advice, shared in a beautiful way in which you always share, made me so happy that I stopped by. Great advice!

  22. YUMMO! The chocolate cake looks amazing, what a breakfast! Of course I love your sweet strawberry mug. I think the little things like what you from your coffee from makes the morning a bit special! I'm glad it looks like you're doing well. :)

  23. I adore the fact that you use the coffee cup that suits you for the morning. I am the same way.

    Yes my friend, we must plan some time to get together in July.

    Miss you,



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