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Today is the day I begin unpacking boxes and boxes of Christmas decor wondering what to put where and when enough is enough..(is it ever?) 

I feel like I'm behind and it's not even December yet.   Do you think because Thanksgiving was early in November this year that Christmas decorating got started sooner than usual?

I know several people who are done...yes, done with decking the halls and trimming the tree.

My plan is to work like mad (with Christmas music on, sipping hot chocolate and humming a happy, non-stressed out tune) this week and then stick a cherry on top and call it done. 

Christmas is such a beautiful season and I want to enjoy every minute of it.

I placed a few new Christmas items, including these star ornaments, in the shop at really good prices.  I will be featuring pictures of them this week for you to enjoy.  The quantities aren't huge but I wanted to end the year with creative momentum to start the New Year off right.

Have a wonderful Monday!

xo, Patty

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  1. What a good idea for the day -- hot chocolate, Christmas music, and leisurely getting up the decorations! That's my kind of day. It's cold and rainy here, and I have the Remains of the Day (turkey carcass) becoming stock on the stove -- and one errand to run, which I am thinking can just wait until tomorrow.

  2. Your star ornaments are lovely! I'm waiting 'til Saturday then going to haul out the Christmas decs and make a start. Hot chocolate and Christmas music is a perfect idea :-)
    Have fun and have a lovely week,

  3. Patty - Sounds like a warm and cozy and relaxing day!! Your ornaments are darling. Love them.


  4. Patty, your star is lovely. I am almost done with decorating but for a good reason. My homesick college girl wanted the tree up and she helped me while on her break. Happy Christmas, Olive

  5. Good morning friend. I won't begin to deck the halls until after the boutique on Saturday. I have to focus on that first. And then, it shall be The Season!!!
    xo Kris

  6. So far I've decorated one table vignette in my bedroom. I'm not putting up a tree this year. First, it's too hard for me to drag it from the back of the shed, and I wanted to challenge myself to for once do it without a tree and still have a house decorated for Christmas.

  7. Patty, we must have had the same idea! I posted about putting up Christmas decorations, but I didn't include my pictures. Maybe next post. Your decorations are so sweet.
    Blessings & happy decorating!

  8. I haven't even started yet & probably won't for a few days yet :(
    Can't wait though & I love the star, really lovely
    Karen x

  9. I can't believe I'm done with my decorating already. I even have the tree up earlier than usual. Your star ornaments are so cute!

  10. How cute is that little ornament? I'd love to have you link to my Christmas Ornament Party. Following you also. Linda

  11. Sounds good to me...I think it is the perfect time to start...I pulled some things out myself...but I want to make a pink Christmas tree this year. And maybe the dinning room table in red and green...don't knoe...have fun with love Janice

  12. The only decorating I have left to do is the tree:) Your ornament is just darling!

  13. Your ornaments are so sweet. You've inspired me to start decorating!

  14. I love these ornaments. I hopped on over to your Etsy shop to buy them but looks like someone beat me to it. They're adorable.

  15. Oooh, that ornament is so cute! I love it! I haven't actually unpacked any decorations yet -- still trying to get the last few projects done that I can before the season starts in earnest! Next week.


  16. We are starting to put up our decorations also.

  17. I didn't move many of my I didn't have to make too many choices..

  18. The star ornaments are darling! Happy decorating!
    Erica :)


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