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Spoiler alert Joy...

I am making progress on my to do list and had to pop in and show you one of the things that I just crossed off of it.

A friend of mine just adopted a beautiful baby girl after two years (and many miracles) of fostering her.  She and her family are headed off to Disney World to celebrate and she was looking to make an autograph book to capture some of their memories in.

I love creating memory books and jumped at the chance to offer my services and make the book for her.

It's been a while since I made one and I had forgotten what a joy they are to put together.

You can tell by all the pictures that I am happy with the way it turned out. 

I hope she will be, too.

Better get back to my list.  Enjoy your Wednesday.  And if you read this far Joy, it will be in the mail tomorrow.

xo, Patty


  1. Congrats to you friend on the adoption. that is so cool!! i love the Disney photo album. so fun!!! ( :

  2. Sweet memory book!
    Congrats to your friend on the adoption yay!

  3. What a darling gift! And so special because you made it for your friend! So bright and cheerful!


  4. That is wonderful about the adoption!!
    Your little autograph book is simple adorable! It is so bright and cheery! I am sure they will fill it up and treasure it happily, forever after!!


  5. Oh my goodness, how adorable! Having the book made by a friend just adds to the sweet memories it will contain:>) Congratulations to the happy family!

  6. What a great gift. Of course your friend and her new daughter will love it!

  7. I just knew you would be a scrapbooker too! How precious of you to make this for a friend! You have a sweet heart, I can just tell :)Angela (Lynne) @ Simply Annie (I still plan on blogging soon and I hope you will drop in.

  8. Aren't those cute? I love to see all the scrapbooking things people do! Now- get back to that list- xo Diana

  9. I always enjoy making something for myself but even more so a special gift for a special occasion. How lucky your friend is to have you. I'm sure she'll love her album. How wonderful for her to be able to adopt the baby she's been fostering, how happy for her. Hope their trip to Disney is all they want it to be. Happy Days

  10. Super cute! What a wonderful gift for her to keep their memories in!

  11. that is an adorable little book. and I am happy to hear that you found your day planner.

  12. I love it!!!! I am in amazement! It is beautiful! Thank you sweet friend!

  13. Patty this is awesome! It's fantastic. You are a sweetheart. I know Joy is over the moon about this. All of us who prayed for their family are walking on clouds this week. That baby has touched so many of our hearts. She's made a community of love for her.

  14. Patty, this Disney Autograph Book is just beautiful! This will be a wonderful keepsake that she will treasure for ever.
    Xoxo. Michelle.

  15. That is just a beautiful happy memory book! I'm sure she's going to just love it!

  16. Oh my goodness!! What a special friend you are!! :) It looks fantastic!!

  17. That's so great! I know Joy was beyond excited when you offered to put it together for sweet KeKe! It's perfect!

  18. Patty,
    What a precious gift for your friend!!!
    I love the color palette you chose!!!
    Thanks for sharing another of your many creative talents with us!!!


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