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Do you pinterest?  I have to admit that I am hit or miss with it.  Lately it has been so hot that I've been spending some time pinning things I love to my boards and dreaming of cooler weather.  I have a fashion board that I love to pin outfits to in hopes of one day actually turning those cute clothes into a real life wardrobe. 

This has really been a great exercise in helping me determine my fashion sense.  I find myself drawn to the same colors and styles repeatedly which hopefully will help me as I start weeding through my closet and spending what little money I have for clothes to achieve these looks.

I've had a couple of $25.00 gift cards to TJ Maxx in my wallet for a few months that I have been saving for just the right occasion.  I finally decided that there was no better time than the present and did a little shopping yesterday after church.

The choices for women over fifty with a little fluff to them are meager at best.  I know there are higher end stores that specialize in this market but I am trying to do this on a limited budget.  I did manage to find this cute striped Tee with a peplum skirt and v-back that fit perfectly, along with a new leather purse and a cute pair of black flat sandals.  I only had to kick in an extra $13.00 for the whole lot which I didn't think was too bad.

When I got home I headed over to my what to wear pinterest board and put together a collage of all the striped tee outfits that I have pinned.  This week I will be raiding my closet and maybe hitting Goodwill to round out a couple of these looks.

I will be back next Monday (with a few pictures) to show you what I come up with and to share another pinterest fashion inspiration collage that I'll work on during the next week.  I can't guarantee that I will get to it every Monday but I will certainly try.  (In theory) this should be fun.

xo, Patty


  1. Patti, your purchases are super and we have a bit of the same taste. The purse is especially attractive. I do not do Pinterest, it looks like it might be too addictive for me. I spend enuf time already blogging and on Facebook.

  2. I do Pinterest, and your fashion board is one I follow closely, because I l♥ve everything you pin! I hit Marshalls Saturday, all they had was clearance stuff in my size, the new things weren't in yet, but I have a lot of luck finding things I like, there and at TJ Maxx. I really love the purse and top you found!

  3. Love your choices, Patty. Great outfit and I love the purse, too! xo Diana

  4. I do Pinterest, but not a lot. It's a great place to search for inspiration and to store links to all the projects/beautiful things that I want to have in my life. Love your style board.

  5. Oh yes I have a Pinterest board called Jeans Every Day and another called My Style. They really are helpful. My jeans board helps me realize that even though my life is extremely casual, I can still look cute. :)

    I love the purse you found and striped shirts are my favorite.

  6. I have always loved black and white stripes....maybe I was a prisoner in my other life :):) Just kidding. I like that big scarf with the stripes. xoxo,Susie

  7. I am a hit or miss pinner too. At first I was addicted and pinned everything in sight. Then I went back and thinned it out. Now I only pin things I really like. Mostly DIY or crafty stuff. If I had a style board , it would be empty like my closet. I have a very relaxed style with minimal outfits and no jewelry or accessories. Pretty boring I guess. But suits me.
    But I do like that purse...too bad it's leather. We try to avoid animal products in this house.
    Like the post. Lots to think about.

  8. Oh, you betcha I "pinterest!" I kind of get on a roll and do a ton of pinning and then I slack off a bit. Lately, I've been doing lots of pinning and browsing for Fall decor -- yes, I'm extremely anxious to hall out my Fall stuff and bring some color inside, even though it is beyond HOT outside! I have a board titled "My Fashion/Beauty Style," and I love pinning to that. I'm pretty sure we've pinned some of the same outfits with striped tops -- great minds and in kind of the same age bracket (pretty sure I have a few years on you)! That is a super-cute purse, by-the-way, and I love the Nine West brand! Have fun creating some new wardrobe outfits!

  9. I love Pinterest too, I'm hooked. It helped me discover my home decor style. Love your outfits, looking forward to what you show this week!

  10. I love Pinterest..and yes, clothes for women in their 50's is hard to find. I did get a wonderful outfit for my son's wedding for under 50 dollars...yes, it can be done. I have enjoyed seeing the sets on Pinterest because it expands my thought process on clothes.
    Enjoy..have fun!

  11. I love Pinterest but I'm not a fashionista, so I don't pay much attention to those types of boards. I do love the purse you bought at TJ Maxx though!

  12. I love pinterest. But I find that the older I get, fashion is not a priority with me. I choose comfort over fashion every time. I love your striped tee, and I love a peplum skirt. It has a nautical look to me, that I love. You always look cute and put together!!!
    xo Kris

  13. The other day I was completely unable to get myself dressed and looked at my pinterest clothing board for inspiration and realized almost every outfit I have pinned is cold weather outfit. Apparently I am just going to look like a hot mess until the weather cools.

    Love what you choose. Great pieces! And all the better that you used gift cards for them.


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