guest room in progress


I finally managed to get a start on our guest room makeover so I thought I would show you a little peek of what I worked on yesterday.

The floral pillow cases have been sitting in my finished sewn projects stash just waiting to be stacked prettily on a bed and the little bouquet was clipped from my garden in the morning.  The closet that I took over is now filled with my clothes and shoes but not quite ready for sharing.

I know it's not much but considering what I started with, you would think this little corner is pretty amazing.  There is still so much more to do but for now it just feels good to be back in nesting mode again.

I am off to spend a little time with my mom which is sorely needed and much looked forward to.

I hope you've been able to do a little nesting lately, too.

xo, Patty


  1. I've been doing a bit of nesting too, rearranging bedding I have for a different look in my room. A little change is nice every now and again. Have fun with your guest room, Patty.


  2. Really like the colors in your pillowcase. Anxious to see the complete makeover!

  3. What beautiful fabric!! I can't wait to see more!!! You are teasing us again!!! Have a wonderful day with your Mama!!!
    I find that the older I get, the more and more I cherish my time with mine!!!!
    xo Kris

  4. Patty, you so inspire me...I need to set a small bouquet from my yard, I always think I have to do a large bouquet - that small one is very classy...have a great visit with your Mama.

  5. Love the soft fabric choices, Patty. I can't wait to see the whole guest room redone- xo Diana

  6. The colors are really nice. Looks vintage. Enjoy your time with your mother.

  7. Patty I love those colors. Enjoy your momma.

  8. It's a cozy place, for sure. Enjoy the day!

  9. Cute pillowcases. Its always fun to nest :)

  10. Oh Patty, I spent the whole day of Wednesday felt so good to spend time in my bedroom, cleaning, plumping pillow, rearranging, organizing! :) I have been so sluggish and sick most of the time with chemo but having a two week break, I enjoyed some things I love to do! I felt a little like my old self!! LOL!! :D


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