a little cocooning and fashion Wednesday


We've been enjoying a few days of cooler weather and glorious rainfall and the urge to slow down and cocoon has taken over my desire to decorate.  So instead of readying the house for the holidays, I have been sitting quietly with pen in hand planning and praying about next year.

I am such a plotter and planner.  I love it, absolutely and completely.  Of course, I hold those plans loosely in one hand as I wait and watch what unfolds each day but life's twists and turns don't keep me from dreaming and scheming about what the future holds.  I had so many things floating around in my head that it was hard to concentrate on the here and now but now that I've written them down with an erasable pencil, I can fully focus on the season in front of me.  Are you like that, too?

And that includes Fashion Wednesday.   I actually took pictures for the Build Your Basics Wardrobe Challenge twice last week.  One casual and one a little dressier.

The casual challenge clothes consisted of a grey cardigan, striped tee, skinny jeans and riding boots.  I have to tell you that this outfit was way out of my comfort zone but one of the great things about a challenge like this is trying styles that you normally wouldn't and the skinny jeans and riding boots are definitely not a look I would have tried.  But I was actually okay with it.

The boots were a gift from husband during the Fall challenge that sat in my closet looking cute for two months.  They were super comfy and I felt quite stylish in them and not at all like I was trying to look too young which was my biggest fear.

The dressier challenge clothes consisted of a dressy blouse, long necklace, boot cut jeans and heeled boots.  This one was much easier because it is an outfit I could have put together myself.  Totally in my comfort zone.  I loved pairing the dressy blouse and my $2.98 thrift store pearls with jeans.  I wore this to my bible study Christmas potluck and felt like a million bucks.

Now go and take a look at how the other bloggers styled these basics and be sure to leave them an encouraging word.  It's not easy to take a picture of yourself and put it out there for all to see.

I'll be back soon with a peek at my Christmas decorations and to share what I'm learning about hospitality.  Thanks for stopping by...

xo, Patty


  1. You look fabulous Patty! I love the boots, I am looking for some myself, but so far nothing I love. Right now I am sitting here in my yoga pants and tee. No photos. Lol

  2. I love seeing how you style your outfits! So cute! :)

  3. You look amazing!! The cardigan and boots make such a perfect every day outfit.

  4. oh!! you are looking damn gorgeous !!

  5. Great outfits this week! I didn't stay on track for the outfits of the day this week, so it is fun to see what you've put together.

  6. I love the outfit that you said was your least comfortable....you definitely pulled it off!

  7. I'm with Deena ^...I actually like the casual outfit better on you - you look so young and hip! I don't even own a pair of skinny jeans (where do you buy a pair of those that actually fit a 52-year old?!) and I don't own any boots to tuck the jeans in either. I have very muscly calves, so I'd have to find a pair of boots that'd zip up my thick calves PLUS that are comfortable as my feet hurt in most shoes. Wow, I really need a style makeover, don't I?!

  8. Hi Patty. I think the casual outfit looks great on you. I wish I could dress a bit more stylish but I am always freezing so go for the multiple layers look ; )

  9. I love the boots. You look great in both outfits.

  10. Ew La La. You look great in both outfits.


  11. Planning, planning and planning . . .
    The last thing I say to my husband each night is "Let's talk about tomorrow."

  12. First off, I LOVE that coffee mug!

    I love, love, love planning and plotting and scheming but it CAN be hard to let go of the plans when life gets in the way! I'm going to spend some quality time with my new 2015 planner this week and I'm a bit giddy about it!

    Love the idea of a fashion challenge. It's good to get out of your comfort zone and you looked great doing it!

  13. Beautiful outfits. Love the boots! Merry Christmas!


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