thoughts on Monday morning


Don't hate me but now that I no longer work outside the home I love Monday mornings, not quite as much as the weekend but they are a pretty close second.

I love to pour my coffee, serve myself something sweet, get out my planner and dream about the week ahead.  Reminding myself about commitments and maybe adding one or two more.

Scheduling in a little time to be creative and firming up my menu for the week.  Jotting down errands and necessary items to be picked up from the grocery store.

Creating a little order after the weekend has become something I look forward to.  I take my time, enjoy my coffee, and count my blessings.  I find that when I'm purposeful in seeking them, they are many.

Happy Monday!

xo, Patty


  1. I do that on Monday mornings too, Patty! In fact, here it is after 11 already and I'm still in my pajamas and thinking about if I REALLY want to run out to the grocery store or put it off until tomorrow. :-)

  2. Shh. I love Monday mornings too! I feel bad for my loves having to go out into the world but I try to keep Monday free from all obligation and it has turned it into a favorite!

  3. I feel the same way. I see poor Dean go into work mode Sunday night and I am blissfully out of touch not knowing what the date is usually.

  4. Patty, Love the coffee bar. I need to do that. Make myself a gathering of all coffee/tea things. Glad you love your Mondays . Can't wait till Wednesday, fashion time. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Oh what I wouldn't give for a slice of that banana bread right now! I am on a liquid diet today. Tomorrow having test that requires no food for 24 hrs!!
    XO Kris

  6. I am retired and love Mondays....a nice day to get things in order and plan the week. I'm enjoying your blog! Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. I so understand! Since I work at home now I don't mind Mondays a bit :)

  8. Coffee and something sweet is a perfect motivator. AND you have a lovely corner to serve up the perfect Monday morning mix.


  9. I love hearing the love of Mondays! I have three weeks minus one day till I am retired! Yes, I feel the love for Mondays coming on!

  10. It is amazing how your outlook on Monday mornings changes when you no longer have to head to work! I was up early yesterday for a funeral and it wore me out.

  11. Hello Patty...I love your enthusiasm over Monday mornings. Even though I have a little one coming to take care of, I feel the same as you. Everything is relaxed and happy and my heart is filled with gratitude to be able to BE home. By the way, I love your kitchen vignette...the pops of red are pretty. Susan

  12. How many times can I say that I'm so glad I found your blog (Thanks to Sara)? First off - thanks for the fashion updates! They truly inspire me! I have become so comfortable in oversized shirts, just to hide the fact that my 49 year old body just doesn't look quite as tucked in as the 29 year old one did :) I once wore a shirt that wasn't baggy and a lady at church said, well, look at you, you have curves!

    But, anyway, your post about Monday mornings just blessed me so much! Mondays have always been my favorite day! It's back to work, routine, the best homeschool day for me and the boys and usually a day when I'm at home and cook a true family meal.

    Here's to Mondays!

    Have a beautiful day :)


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