summer fashion series day five - white jeans and spaghetti straps at 50


This series is titled summer fashion and ironically our weather is anything but summer like.  I can tell from social media and the news that this is the case for most of the country.  But I have faith that summer will indeed get here soon enough and these posts will all be relevant...right?

white jeans and peplum top

I slipped back into my white straight leg jeans for this post but this time I dressed them down a bit
from the last time when I went from lunch to dinner.

A couple of weeks ago Old Navy had these adorable peplum spaghetti strap camis on sale for around $10.00 and I snapped this one up.  I'm kicking myself for not buying a couple of more at that time because when I went back in to my local store last weekend they were severely limited in my size. (Although it looks like they still have a nice selection on line.)

white jeans and a peplum cami

One of the reasons I hesitated the first time (even though I thought it was really cute and the peplum is very good at hiding a little junk in the trunk) was because at my age I wasn't really feeling the whole spaghetti strap thing.  But once I got it home and tried it on with this cap sleeve jean vest that I got many years ago, I realized what an easy fix it was.

layering a peplum cami and a jean jacket

I added my favorite tan wedge sandals, (that sadly are now only available online in black and brown but I found these on Amazon and I think I like them just as much) a pretty blue chunky Avon necklace from a couple of years ago and simple silver accessories.  

white jeans and a jean vest

This is a look that would be comfortable even as the temperature start to soar.  I searched online for a similar vest but couldn't locate one but I did find this cap sleeve denim button down that would work great.  Another solution would be to wear a white short sleeve T-shirt underneath the blouse.  I tried it and with a little modification to the tee (which I'll show you in another post) it looked cute as well..  

Sometimes wearing what's in style as we get older just takes a little creative adjusting to make it age appropriate.

white jeans a cami and a jean vest

Don't you love it when you find something in your closet that you've had for years and it becomes new again, like this vest?   The detailed stitching and grommets make such a cute statement?  It has a little bit of a flared fit which is flattering if you have a curvier bottom to cover.

cap sleeve vest over a cami and white jeans

That's a good place to talk about our encouraging word for the day...learning to embrace our assets (pun intended ha, ha).

For as long as I can remember I have had an ample backside and hated it.  I can remember laying on my tummy on the beach in 4th or 5th grade and a random boy said something about checking out my rear to a friend.  I don't even think he meant it as an insult but boy did I take it that way. I spent most of my teen years and twenties wishing my rear was smaller and my bust was larger.

It wasn't until my forties that I began to accept and embrace my body in all it's fullness.  I think as women that's about the age of self discovery, the time in our lives when we begin to value ourselves for what we do have and not compare ourselves and what we don't have to others.

Even so, it can be pretty daunting to take fashion pictures of yourself to share on the Internet.  Trust me the first thing I notice are what I consider my weaknesses but I also notice the positive as well.  I refuse to let the world influence how I feel about myself.  The bottom line is (another pun, somebody stop me) that I really have very little to do with my outward appearance,  I have genetics to thank or to blame for that.  What I do have control over is my attitude and my smile.  And those two things my friends, can make or break any thing we wear on the outside.

xo, Patty

If you missed any of this summer fashion series you can find it here.

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  1. I'm really enjoying your blog and this fashion series Patty! These are looks I would ACTUALLY WEAR, are affordable and easy to find. Thanks for putting it all out there and looking so great doing it!

  2. Patty,
    This outfit is totally adorable, dear friend!
    I love the flounce on the peplum top!
    Thank you for this Fashion Series!

  3. got the peplum top.. cant wait to wear it.. thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the outfit! I hardly ever look in Old Navy, I need to go see what they have. I find your fashion posts so encouraging Patty. You always look beautiful and seeing someone with a realistic body type who looks beautiful is an encouragement to the rest of us who aren't size 2 supermodels, (about 99.9% of us?)

  5. Really, really cute, Patty. Love the top, my favorite colors and love the peplum part. Just couldn't do the sleeveless. Your jacket works well with it though. I think the encouragement you are giving everyone about their body style is right on. Yesterday's post was great too. That top was more in keeping with our crazy weather right now. Once I start wearing sandals, I hate going back to shoes that cover my toes, even in the rain.

  6. I love this top and how you are making white jeans look appealing! I have white jeans hanging in my closet, so maybe I'll get brave enough now that you've shown them a few times.

  7. Oh you sweet girl....we women have been putting ourselves down for way too many years. You are so right to like yourself as you are. My gosh when I was small I was always knocking my wee tummy pooch...wish I had that shape back now. LOL. I am a bit over weight and I just try to cover when I can and enjoy being me. I too old to let too much show. LOL. I loved your outfit. You look awesome in it too. I think we could make some little vests like that, by cutting the tail and sleeves off a shirt and doing a simple hem stitch. You have me thinking Patty. Blessings to you for a wonderful mother's day. xoxo, Susie

  8. I like your attitude and have come to have the same attitude you describe, embrace our assets. Your puns are funny, by the way.

  9. I love a cute little denim vest. I love vests! they cover up so many little things... I have alot of tank tops which I would never wear by themselves, but with a little vest over it, they become very flattering. The vest you are wearing with that little flair is very becoming and love that peplum blouse! I am too amble of a bust so am always trying to figure out ways to cover it up.. and even a tank top shows my bra straps which I hate.. but a vest does the trick. I have several denim ones and a couple of cotton ones that I made. I've even worn the dreaded spaghetti straps along with a vest.. but trouble is.. if you get too hot somewhere and complain, and someone says "take off your jacket (or vest)" I have to politely decline!

  10. I'm enjoying your fashion series as well. You make so many good points. I wouldn't have thought about Old Navy, or considered the peplum blouse w/ spaghetti straps (which have never worked well for me), but seeing how you've put the outfit together is inspiring.

  11. Cute little denim jacket, Patty (and you know I love white jeans! I have never seen a short-sleeved version before. Great on warm days!
    Peplum and wedges? WOW - you are a woman after my heart!

    May I use one of these photos for my upcoming post on how women style their jean jackets?


    1. Hi Patty, I have added your photo with a link to your blog. Hope you like the article and thank you for being part of the collaboration.

      Happy weekend!


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